Desktop Launcher


Remote Desktop Launcher  v.

A Remote Desktop Launcher program. this is a nice tool for managing remote connections. A simple software that remembers all the remote desktops you need to connect to.

ViPad -Windows Desktop App Launcher  v.

ViPad is a the ultimate Windows desktop application launch & organization tool for the windows desktop.


XUS Desktop Professional Edition  v.1.6.70

XUS Desktop is a powerful launcher for your Windows system. XUS Desktop offers a new, easy, fast & swift way to launch the program.

XUS Launcher Professional Edition  v.2.5

XUS Launcher is a powerful launcher for your Windows system. XUS Desktop offers a new, easy, fast & flexible way to launch the program.

Killer App Launcher  v.1.0.1

Killer App Launcher gives you a fast and elegant alternative to the Dock or the Finder for launching your everyday applications.

XUS Desktop  v.1. 6. 1971

No more clutter on your laptop/PC desktop! With XUS Desktop you can easily organize all your desktop shortcut icons. Finally your desktop will look beautifully organized like it has never been before.

SE-DesktopApps  v.1.6.2

SE-DesktopApps: Organize favorite applications in quick launch panels, take quick note with auto-save feature, play favorite media files from a customizable desktop player gadget, add clock with events planner, get quick access to system drives, etc.

Quick Pop Menu  v.1.1.8

Quick Pop Menu is a lightweight application that allows you to instantly launch the desired application with a single mouse click.

Keybreeze  v.3.6

Keybreeze is a small, command-line toolbar that's only visible when you are using it.

Desktop Tray Launcher  v.1.2

Desktop Tray Launcher access you desktop icons from tray menu. Have you ever had a problem with too many opened windows, which covered your desktop? Its an uncomfortable situation,

Launcher Pro

Launcher Pro is an easy-to-use personal shortcut manager that can launch all kinds of files and programs. Drag-and-drop operations are supported when creating shortcuts files, e.g. by dragging files from Windows Desktop followed by dropping them into

Easy Launcher  v.1.4

Easy Launcher is a highly flexible tab-like style software that manages applications and desktop shortcuts in easy way. Built with intuitive and straightforward interface,

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